How do I arrange a tour of the facility?
Contact our office Manager to schedule an appointment.

How much furniture and how many personal items (such as a TV) are patients allowed to bring with them?
We try to accommodate the personal items of our residents in every way we can. When you're touring our facility, we'll show you the type of room and what furniture and electronics the room can accommodate. We'll make every effort to make sure your family member can bring in what is meaningful to them.

Does the family have input in decision-making processes?
Yes. The family can play an integral part of our residents success, and it is extremely helpful if they are present during the Care Plan Meeting.

How much involvement do resident have in decision making?
Your success is our success! As a facility, flexible when it comes to meeting your needs, as we carefully craft a Care Plan for your success here at Leisure Vale. We want you to get back to feeling like yourself again, so your input is absolutely critical to make sure that happens. If you are unable to speak for yourself, family members are encouraged to step in and help, and our Resident Liaison will make sure that all of your voices are heard. After all, it's your care, so your participation is of utmost importance.

Care Plan FAQs

How will we know about the care plan?
A care team member will contact the responsible party to arrange a meeting.

Still got questions?

Give us a call, or arrange a visit at your convenience