At Leisure Vale Retirement , we deeply care for those in our community and those who are in need. You could think of our center as a community within our community — one that's focused on care and healing. Assisted Living Homes are not all the same. From the level of service to the amenities, there are important things to look for. If you choose Leisure Vale Assisted Living, we'll welcome you with open arms. We look forward to meeting as you begin this journey through this next exciting chapter in your life.

Community Outreach

When residents come to our facility, we work directly with you and the care team. Friendships are often started in our facility. Some people who have been in our care sometimes have relatives stop by to say hello to staff and other residents. We are proud of this because happiness and care go hand in hand.

Go ahead - schedule a visit.

We know if you come, you'll see the difference and feel our passion for residents and families.


Jesse / Administrator

Jesse is the Administrator here at Leisure Vale and has been with us since 2018. He started in the industry as a Business Office Manager over 15 years ago and received his Administrator license in 2018. Running a assisted living facility is a passion for him and his goal is to take care of each resident like he would his own mom and dad.

Jesse's outlook is to provide the best care possible and always speaking the truth above anything else. He believes that doing the right thing will always out weigh anything else. Caretaking with passion and honesty is what motivates Jesse. To treat others the way he wants to get treated.

Jesse states " Without his support from his care management team, he would not be able to do his task, making sure everyone in the facility thrives and is being well cared for." He thanks every single staff member.

Nilda / Administrator Assistant/Business Office

Nilda is the administrator assistant and Business Office at Leisure Vale Retirement, she has been with the company over 35 years, and oversees the finances and operations. Other Leisure Vale staff members say Nilda is amazing and has such a big heart. She always stays calm and collected no matter what is going on.

Nilda has a way of putting at ease any family's concerns and follows through with any recommendations. She first started as a housekeeper and worked her way to being the administrator assistant. She wears many hats her, and families that know her says she is very well manor. She is a great asset to the facility.

Celia / Assistant Administrator/ Resident Liaison

Celia join the Leisure Vale Family in 2019, her background is social services and activities from skilled nursing. She is the go to person if there is any issues or concerns. She makes sure that all residents are treated with dignity and respect.

Celia, is studying to become an administrator, She got her administrator licenses during a pandemic, which she stated was a difficult task, but she accomplished it.

Cynthia / Office Manager

Cynthia is the Office Manager at Leisure Vale Retirement. She is an intrical part of binding the relationship between resident, families, and staff on a day to day basis. Cynthia has been with Leisure Vale for over 10 years, it has been said she is the thread the binds the facility together. She is the first face you see when you come through the doors at Leisure Vale.

She started off as a receptionist , and worked her way up to office manager. She makes sure that the office runs as smooth as possible, from residents doctors appointments to arranging transportation. Some residents believe she is an angel.