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  • What type of facility is Leisure Vale?
    Leisure Vale is a Retirement Home that offers independent and assisted living services. We're located in beautiful Glendale, California. Affordable rates cover a full range of services performed by a dedicated and friendly staff, headed by a warm and caring administrator. Residents can enjoy the companionship of their peers in a beautifully appointed and homelike atmosphere.
  • What is a Retirement Home?
    A retirement home is a multi-residence housing facility intended for older adults, generally older than 60 years old. Typically each person or couple has an apartment-style room or suite of rooms. Additionally, there is a dining room for meals, living rooms for gathering, places for recreation, and more.
  • What is Assisted Living?
    With Assisted Living, a resident gets assistance with some activities of daily living (ADLs), coordination of services by outside health care providers, and monitoring of resident activities to help to ensure their health, safety, and well-being. Assistance may include the administration or supervision of medication, or personal care services provided by trained staff members. Assisted Living services are available at Leisure Vale as an add-on. We offer reasonably priced assisted living services, such as bathing, dressing, hygiene assistance, dining assistance, tray service to rooms, personal laundry service, and more.
  • How much furniture and how many personal items can residents bring with them?
    We try to accommodate the personal items of our residents in every way we can. When you’re touring our facility, you can take a look at the various room and suite types to see what furniture and electronics the room can accommodate. We’ll make every effort to make sure you can bring in what is meaningful to you.
  • How do I arrange a tour of Leisure Vale?
    Take a look around! Contact our business office manager to schedule an appointment at (818) 244-2323.