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Our goal is to be an extension of the acute hospital.

Louie, Administrator

Why One System?

Healthcare is a continuum — it's really all one system. We're simply an extension of acute hospitals. People used to receive extensive procedural and rehabilitative care, all contained within a hospital — but laws and practices have changed the way things work. Patients today are discharged from the hospitals quickly.

We are the next logical step in care. In fact, you could almost think of it as if we were part of a hospital. Even today in an acute hospital setting, you move from different units within a hospital for different elements of care. A patient progresses from the ICU to a different care unit in the hospital after they've improved. After this point, the patient often still needs therapy to relearn skills and/or strengthen. 

We are here for patients to get them strong and back home healthfully. This also helps reduce hospital re-admittance, which often happens with patients when they don't receive the care they need to rehabilitate adequately.