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Healthcare Professionals

At Leisure Vale, we want your patient to experience a smooth transition to assisted living services without hassle or complaint. We are responsive, understanding, and flexible. We are aware that you have many assisted living facilities to choose from, and strive to be your facility of choice.

We are unique in that we have assisted living level of care, as well as our sister facility, Leisure Glen Post Acute Care Center, which offers skilled post acute rehab services two blocks away. Leisure Glen has a brand new, state of the art 31 bed post acute unit. We have operated in this community for 35 years and have earned a reputation as a quality provider.

Leisure Vale and Leisure Glen are uniquely positioned to provide a full continuum of post acute hospital care. These facilities work in collaberation with each other, the local acute hospitals, and local physicians to ensure every patient receives the services necessary at the most cost effective level of service.

As a healthcare professional, you know the benefits to you, the patient, and the family of having multiple levels of care available "under one roof". It is our desire to simplify life for case managers and assist your hospital with meeting it's length of stay goals. Further, we are well aware of the financial risk that hospital readmissions pose and are prepared to partner with you in reducing such risk.

We have admission and billing specialists available to conduct onsite education to patients and families to assist you with the transition process.